Parque Activo

Integral re-design of website

Parque Activo Ltda.

Parque Activo Ltda. is a metallurgic constructor company, based in Ecuador. The company decided to specialized in the construction of outdoor exercises machines, and they need a website for this line of business.

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The client need an integral re-design of their website (english and spanish version required). This project requires: prototype, look & feel of the User Interface, develop of the product section, a dedicated integration with google drive for handling the incoming messages.

One specific goal of the client was to show in a better way the specs and details of every product they have.

We create a simple solution for this, it was important to create a popup asset that helps to visualize the technical info and a bigger image of the product.

Technical details of the project
Name Description
CMS Back-end system integrated. Changes and publish post available from the console
Sass Styling was made entirely using SASS to output a cleaner and faster CSS final stylesheet
Git Using version Control (git), to track changes requested
Security SSL https:// protocol
Arquitecture Serverless hosting technology, faster rendering
Integration Contact form integrated to google spreedsheet, to storage the incoming messages

Do you want to know more about this technologies and its advantages? send us an email , we’ll be happy to provide you any details.