Hijos de la Luz

Landing page for a documentary film

Film ‘Hijos de la Luz’ by Misha Vallejo.

‘Hijos de la Luz’ is a documentary film by Misha Vallejo, artist and visual storyteller. The film is actually in the phase of post-production. The client needs a landing page that can show the basic information about the film, its story , characters and other details.

Visit the website www.hijosdelaluz.info

The main goal for this website was expose some of the content of the film, so we decide to make an infinite slideshow at the background of the website.

The client wanted to show basic contact information, and a quick preview of the film, creating a sort of ambiance without exposing too much about the film itself.

Technical details of the project
Name Description
CMS Not requested by the client
CSS CSS written from scratch
Git Using version Control (git), to track changes requested
Security SSL https:// protocol
Arquitecture Serverless hosting technology, faster rendering

Do you want to know more about this technologies and its advantages? send us an email , we’ll be happy to provide you any details.