Deptek Technologies

React-based website with CMS integrated

Deptek Technologies LLC.

Deptek Technologies is a company specialized in high-end technology solutions. They want to show their portafolio of services in a clean an simple way. We decided to build the website using Gatsby framework based on react, to minimize the loading time in each sections.

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One of the goals for this project was the ability to make changes client-side. We integrate a Content Management System (CMS) that allows the user to make changes and publish posts using a back-end console.

With the client, we understood that Flexibility was the main goal. The client wanted a fast-easy-to-custom website, we integrate a CMS, so they can upload content & images to the website in minutes.

Technical details of the project
Name Description
CMS Back-end system integrated. Changes and publish post available from the console
Markdown A react site, with markdown as a convertion text-to-HTML tool
Git Using version Control (git), to track changes requested
Security SSL https:// protocol
Arquitecture Serverless hosting technology, faster rendering

Do you want to know more about this technologies and its advantages? send us an email , we’ll be happy to provide you any details.