Neuro Body VR

Brand Identity Development Case

VR Hazid Tech, an Israeli startup had a new product that needed a new graphic identity for its new product: a VR device & exo-squeleton for medical treatment therapy. Our goal: develop all the look & feel that a this product needs to raise capital investment.

Research & brainstorming
Research & brainstorming. Using contemporary and classical images and photographs we search for 'look & feel' for the project.

Naming explorations
Having images and ideas, we proceed to enlist all the words that are related to this project. We are finding appropiate names and combinations.

Typefaces Explorations
Typefaces Explorations. Using several typefaces that match with the project and name.

Isotype explorations and colors
Isotype or 'brand mark' development. The creative process starts with explorations and combinations.

The final result! but we were not finish. Primary and secondary typefaces were tested and presented to the client. Also brand application of the logotype on several supports, and a fictional website layout.

Development of a new brand
Development of a new brand for the project, the main idea and concept represented graphically.

Final Explorations
Final Explorations with typefaces and possible applications.

Promotional posters
Promotional posters

Prototyping a basic UI for brand's website
Prototyping a basic UI for brand's website